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Stand up straight with your shoulders back

By Daniele Molinari
Published in Personal Growth
June 23, 2022
2 min read
Stand up straight with your shoulders back

Self-confidence is the key to ultimate personal growth. Others can see through you: they will trust you if you trust yourself.


Everyone tells you that you should be reading more, that knowledge comes from books. But which books? Reading novels will not make you stronger, it will not make you more self-confident and ultimately will not improve your quality of life.

Reading more means focusing on personal development. What will I need tomorrow that I don’t have today?

As I saw caos dominating my life, I realized I needed some order: a clear and organized way to go through my tasks, and my life, for all that matters. That’s where I discovered personal development books.

“12 rules for life” by Jordan Peterson is the starter package in self-development.

12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson
12 rules for life by Jordan Peterson

It looked silly at first. Why would “12 rules” make my life better? That is, until I discovered the power of habits. A small change is just a drop in an endless ocean, but a habit is an exponential chain of small changes.

The first rule

As always, the first rule is the most important one: “stand up with your shoulders straight”.

This is not figurative nor rhetorical. Just the act of keeping your shoulders straight, chin up and looking others straight in the eye will boost self-confidence and communicate to others that you are strong.

Believing that you are strong and having others believe that you are strong will ultimately make you stronger.

It may sound silly

It may sound like advice from your grandpa and it may sound very silly: how can posture going to change life goals? How can standing straight help me deliver more?

We are both physical beings and psychological beings, at the same time. Changes in our physical behavior, no matter how silly, can and will reshape our psychological being.

Eddie Morra in Limitless (the movie).
Eddie Morra in Limitless (the movie).

Just take that walk

Take yourself out for a walk. Just like Eddie Morra in Limitless, walk a lot and do it alone (no, you don’t need NZT). Think about your life, think about your goals and your next target. And while you walk, remember: keep your shoulders straight, chin up and look other people in the eye. Study them, let them know how great you are and how greater you’ll become, at a glance (or with a glance).

Stand up straight with your shoulders back

Chin up

Look others in the eye

And remember: there is nothing greater, no one smarter than you in this world.


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