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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
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Who Am I

Hi! I am an entrepreneurial-minded software engineer. My job is to create things that did not exist before, solving real-world issues.
I see myself as a foodie and I love nature. If you can't reach out to me, it means I'm out there hiking, in the middle of nowhere! Also, if you see a man with a torch at night, wandering through the garden, that's me watering my little pumpkin.
Nothing, however, is ever as soothing as reading a good book during a rainy day.
I have come to believe that your best asset is not going to present himself with a very specific set of skills, but with a very positive attitude. Everyone can learn, everyone can read a book. Look for the people who will trust you, work hard and enjoy the quality of their achievements.
Come what may, we not always choose who we are working with. There are assets and liabilities. People who will anticipate the needs of the customer and people who will spend their time doing the bare minimum.
Leadership means being able to exploit the capabilities of both: let a creative thinker express himself, foster passion into a job made of incremental challenge, build value and let people grow their true worth.
Let’s drive our world into a brighter future, together.

Software Engineering

I develop scalable, performant and accessible software that can reach to infinity. My favorite stack? React, React Native and Node.js. The site you are reading this on is based on Gatsby / React.

Creative Design

It's the roaring twenties all over again! Your software doesn't have to be harsh and ugly. Users can appreciate beauty even more than feature.

Leadership & Mentoring

More than developing software, I love to let people grow. I know the struggles of a junior developer, I've been there and I have helped many. Shall we do this together?

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